The Kitchen is the new Algarve

23 Mar The Kitchen is the new Algarve

Whilst many of us are dreaming of sunning ourselves in the Algarve with a drink in hand a lot of us have now turned to our homes and are dreaming of a designer kitchen, bedroom or for those that are working from home a fabulous study.

Over the years we have seen many people stay in the homes they love ‘don't move improve' kind of stance and this current year has been no exception.

It has been a journey and not one we hoped for, like jumping on a plane jetting off to a sunny climate and making new memories, but an emotional one that has left us all wondering what the future holds.

So whilst our passports are safely tucked away or gathering dust our homes are getting more attention and we have been so fortunate in helping make peoples dreams come true. Creating bespoke bar areas, grand kitchen islands and walk in larders anything your heart desires we can create a bespoke piece for you.

Our designers are always designing with ergonomics in mind but also keeping the kitchen a fun, open and welcoming place as we have said many times before it is quite literally the heart of our homes and this year has proved that even more.

So get ready to put your big sombrero on, put your feet up, and order a copy of our kitchen or bedroom brochure by clicking here. You can even take a view of our virtual kitchen showroom with a cocktail in hand.

I am sure we all hope our travels to the sun will return someday, but in the meantime let's make some memories in our homes.



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