Quooker – The Boiling Water Tap

At Kitchen Ergonomics we believe we are trend setters when it comes to picking out clever little appliances that give your Kitchen the WOW factor. The Quooker boiling water tap is one of those rare ‘must haves' your friends will want it, kitchen designers and any good chefs will recommend it, newspapers and magazines will review it and you will be glad that you purchased it.

This simple, ultra safe idea immediately renders kettles out of date, puts one touch cups to shame and takes kitchens a giant leap forward. Although the Quooker is relatively new to the UK, over 250,000 kitchens in Europe already depend on their Quookers for instant boiling water.

Quooker - February 2014

What are the advantages of owning a Quooker

  1. Water Saving – When you boil an electric kettle, you usually heat up more water then you need. Fact! With the Quooker you use just the amount of water you need. 
  2. Space Saving – Kitchen tops are meant to be work surfaces, however now a days they are becoming more and more cluttered with appliances – from electric kettles to juicers, blenders and coffee machines. By removing your kettle and replacing with a Quooker tap you immediately make room. With a Quooker Fusion you only have one tap for hot, cold and boiling water.
  3. Safe – Sadly thousands of accidents are caused every year from the electric kettle, many of these accidents involve young children (Source RoSPA) The Quooker on the other hand comes with a tap which is securely mounted to the worktop, it has a child proof push and turn handle and is double walled. As another safety feature the water comes out of the tap in a fine spray rather then a solid jet.
  4. Time Saving – The Quooker tap not only saves time when making a cup of tea but is a great time saving tool when preparing vegetables, heating pasta or even preparing bottles for your baby.
  5. Energy Efficient – With an kettle you often heat up far more water then is necessary. Often too the kettle boils is forgotten and then has to be boiled again wasting more time and energy. With Quooker you heat up exactly the amount of water you need and due to its patented high vacuum insulation the stand by energy consumption is only 3 pence per day.

The History of the Quooker Tap

In 1970 Henri Peteri started working in the cellar of his home he started developing an appliance that would dispense boiling water instantly after working for a company that made instant soups he wanted to create an appliance that heated the soup instantly not having to wait 5 minutes for the kettle to boil to make your ‘instant' soup.

Quooker History 1970 - February 2014

Between 1970 and 1973 Henri hadn't managed to get much further with his prototype despite his several years of hard work. Between 1973 and 1975 he started selling the appliance to friends and family who were extremely enthusiastic, those who had a Quooker could no longer do without it. In 1978 after he had taken out his 7th mortgage on his home Henri was forced to discontinue his project and go back to earning a living for his family.

Henris Son Niels graduated as a Lawyer however in 1985 he decided to put his lab coat on and disappeared into the cellar for five years, his Fathers idea was turned into a product and the Quooker was born.

In 1992 the Quooker Basic was launched this was the first in a series of taps designed by Niels Peteri. Re-inforced by his Son Walter also a Law Graduate the product was launched commercially. In 1995 they bought a building despite the business making a loss.

In the Year 2000 the Quooker VAQ was launched, from this point the Quooker started to pop up Worldwide in peoples kitchens becoming a real talking point. In 2005 the Quooker launched in the UK with the term Throw Away Your Kettle. From that point it has continued to be a great success and appearing in more and more kitchen show rooms, designer kitchens and even chefs kitchens.

Quooker Year 2000

So what are you waiting for? Why not get in touch with Kitchen Ergonomics and see what we can do for you, after all a perfect cuppa is only good enough when using boiling water of 100°c. Please visit our Kitchen showroom, Hertfordshire if you would like to see the amazing Quooker tap in action or call us on 01438 222929 for a quote.

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