The kitchen is the heart of the home

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Attention to detail is the cornerstone of the Aisling brand, whether it applies to a full room design or an individual signature piece.


Every detail is carefully considered, from the overall look of your furniture and how it will integrate into your home, right down to the choice of hinges and handles. The craftsmen at Aisling will draw on their passion for design and their artistry to create made-to-order cabinetry that will last you a lifetime.


See below some of our Aisling top sellers.


The beauty of Aurora lies in its simplicity. Clean lines, emphasised by the doors horizontal timber grain, combined with minimalist features culminate in a contemporary dream space that will gratify even the most demanding pursuer of modern perfection. 


With its unique raised moulded beading, devised to accentuate the highlights and shadows of this ornate door, Charlotte is a quintessential example of truly ‘grand' design. Accompanied by an exclusive collection of accessories, all created to reflect its elegant nature, a Charlotte kitchen will never be matched for style, quality or opulence.  


Showcased in a contemporary setting, the Lawrence farmhouse style kitchen shows its versatility with its unique door profile and selection of elegant, yet functional accessories. 


Reminiscent of an old country farmhouse kitchen, Mayfair is brought into the 21st century with a soft painted finish and modern accessories and appliances. Exuding warmth and comfort, Mayfair's traditional tongue and groove design is made for those who aspire to country living, whether residing in a rural or urban environment. 


With its exclusive twin* panel design, the Molson door will sit easily in any setting that combines both contemporary and traditional elements, making it onw of the most versatile designs and suitable for all tastes. 

Peterborough & Montreal

A sublime example of ‘old meets new' this Peterborough and Montreal combination will attract admirers from both sides of the fence with its modern, monochromatic look, enhanced by the magnificent rustic central island.  


Offering a fresh approach to an established favourite, Quebec's shaker style door with small chamfered profile sits impeccably well in this uncomplicated yet chic kitchen design. 


Inspired by traditional methods of fine cabinet making the Yorkton kitchen offers elegance and charm with its meticulous detailing and stylish design, enhanced here by using a combination of Walnut and a painted Suede finish. 

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