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Available in 24 colours, the extensive palette includes a balance of neutral, fresh and rich tones offering many complementary and contrasting colour combinations for your Perfect Painted Kitchen. If you would like to see some of our beautiful kitchen case studies please click here. Alternatively please view below to see a description and photo gallery.


Broadoak optimises the simple values and clean design lines of the Shaker movement. Its unfussy style and the natural appearance of real wood lends extra freedom to your design ideas, and is as relevant to contemporary living as to a carefully styled period home.


Broadoak Cranberry & Ivory
Luscious, fruity cranberry never lacks confidence. A pleasure to live with, this shade will always look and feel welcoming and cosy – whatever the weather outside. Understated ivory may be neutral, but it has real warmth. Its inherent versatility makes it ideal for a range of styles, from contemporary chic to rustic charm and it works well alongside a wide range of complementary and contrasting shades.


Broadoak Linen
Use linen as a gorgeous neutral on its own to create an elegant and restful kitchen, or mix it effortlessly with other more dominant shades.


Cornell’s enduring simplicity is offset by an elegantly styled timber door and a hint of discreet detail. Its striking good looks and choice of 24 painted finishes make it ideally suited to a more formal period interior.


Cornell China Blue & Cornflower
The inspiration for these blues comes from Chinese porcelain. China blue offers the clean, fresh highlight while darker cornflower is the vibrant, eye catching accent.


Cornell Alabaster & Willow
Bring a little of the outside in with this restful green; set it off to great effect alongside other neutrals and natural woods.

Fitzroy Painted

Fitzroy is a classic Shaker style kitchen with a smooth painted finish, available in 24 colours. By varying the colours, handles and panels you can opt for a contemporary looking kitchen or keep it classic.


Fitzroy Hartforth Blue
The Fitzroy is shown here in a combination of Hartforth Blue, Partridge Grey and Slate. The chunky white quartz , maple worktop and ‘D’ handle give this classic kitchen a more modern take.


Fitzroy Porcelain & Stone
In this kitchen the Fitzroy is presented with a more classic level of detail with the use of framed end panels, corresponding curved corner block and marble effect worktop. Fitzroy is flexible enough to work in other parts of the home.

Langham Alabaster & Sage

Langham’s timeless design with wide rails has an honest and enduring style. The blend of alabaster and sage, whilst a subtle tonal contrast, is nonetheless a pleasing one. For a more rustic feel combine with pewter or timber handles.


The painted collection is not just the domain of classic schemes. Combine Milton with a neutral tone such as chalk or stone for a more contemporary look. Create a statement kitchen through the timelessly dramatic combination of light and dark. The softness of the alabaster lifts the scheme while accentuating the depth of charcoal. The corner pantry combines practicality with style and detail. For more information on Painted Kitchens why not visit our Kitchen designer showroom, Hertfordshire.

Milton Chalk
The crisp simplicity of the chalk creates a classic kitchen, it’s cool clean tone suits unfussy lines and a sharp eye for design. To find out more about our Neff ovens as shown in the picture please visit our Kitchen Showroom, Stevenage.

Milton Ivory
Understated Ivory may be neutral, but it has real warmth. Its inherent versatility makes it ideal for a range of styles, from contemporary chic to rustic charm and it works well alongside a wide range of complementary and contrasting shades. Solid oak or walnut dovetail drawers are the perfect complement to a classic kitchen.

Milton Stone & Suede
Set in a solid timber frame, Milton’s simple Shaker inspired door has a classical in-frame design which lends streamlined sophistication to any contemporary or period kitchen. Inspired by the soft tones of old stone and smooth pebbles, stone and suede invoke a sense of natural well-being.

Milton Sage

Sage is the lightest of creamy greens and is at once pretty and fresh. As a pale, neutral tone it won’t dominate, but will enlarge your space and mix perfectly with a range of natural materials and textures.

Mornington Beaded

The Mornington Beaded is shown here in Partridge Grey, this ash door features an elegant quarter round bead offering an extra level detail to create a timeless look. A standalone dresser piece here helps to maintain an open feel, whilst offering a practical impressive storage solution. At Kitchen Ergonomics we offer a bespoke service meaning we can create any size unit or dresser for you. The Mornington Beaded is also available in our 24 different colour palette.

Mornington Shaker

The Mornington Shaker is shown here in a Stone and Porcelain, the ash grain texture adds interest to the painted finish of this classic Shaker style kitchen, the quartz white marbled worktop and upstand compliments the neutral colours.

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