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05 Jun Let’s talk Islands

And we don't mean sunning ourselves on a Caribbean Island, kitchen islands have become the heart and soul of many kitchens, it's a place to come together, to talk about our day, prepare food with our loved ones and enjoy social gatherings with friends. 

If you are lucky to have a large enough kitchen island with seating it's a place where you can have an informal dinner or your children can carry out their homework whilst you are preparing the family meal. It's a place to sit around and have endless cups of tea with friends, to plan your futures, hopes and dreams. And at Kitchen Ergonomics we can help you design your dream kitchen island. 

There are many things to consider when planning your kitchen island for example lighting, seating, worksurfaces. We have listed a few below with examples of some of our clients fabulous kitchens. 


For some a kitchen island is home to a hob however for others they prefer it to be a preparation area that might include a sink perfect for washing the vegetables. And for many of our clients it is the place to house their wine coolers.


Not only is the kitchen island one of the main features it's an area that you can get away with dressing more – grand lights, chandeliers, industrial overhangs. 

Many of us opt for spotlights in the kitchen a great way of getting even light throughout but the kitchen island it's important to ensure there is enough lighting so you can see your cooking. If your extractor is a downdraft extractor then you can go to town with having lights above and we have seen some absolute beautiful examples of this from our clients fabulous kitchens. 


At Kitchen Ergonomics we create bespoke pieces for our clients and this includes on the kitchen island. For some they may not require seating however for others this is the key feature. We can create raised seating levels for taller bar stools, take a look at some of the examples below : 

Bespoke Sizes

Our kitchen islands come in all shapes and sizes, for example we can create larger then life islands, curved islands, s shape islands you name we can design it. We have selected a few unique ones that we have designed, supplied and fitted for clients. 




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