Clutter in the Kitchen

17 Jul Clutter in the Kitchen

Forget cuddles in the kitchen what about the clutter in the kitchen! Hands up if you are one of the many people that has that junk drawer, or piles of paperwork that you will sort through ‘one day' do not worry you are not the only one.

In a recent study all of the Nations clutter from our house fills 17,000 football pitches and combined is worth billions of pounds. Research has often proved that a cluttered home is a cluttered mind and at Kitchen Ergonomics we are here to help you. We may not be able to get rid of your clutter but we can help create an amazing bespoke space with plenty of extra storage. 

Here are a list of our top 5 favourites that will help reduce that clutter:

  • Recycling Bins – It is no surprise that recycling has now become a very important role in all of our lives and whilst we are happy doing our bit for the environment and helping reduce our carbon footprint it is still an annoyance in every day life when we leave the recycling to pile up and hope that someone in the house will take it out. Well fret no more we have many different options available to you including pull out bins, drawer bins and swing bins. There is a wide variety of pull out bins with up to 4 compartments perfect for recycling. 
  • Kessebohmer Clever Storage – From tall pull out larders to small spice racks and clever corner pull outs, you name it and Kessebohmer have thought of it. The strap line ‘clever storage' is just that and we are proud to have been working closely with them for many years. Take a look at some of the videos showcasing there clever storage systems.











  • Cutlery Drawers – Sometimes its the simplest things that need organising and life is so much easier when you have your fork n knife' in the correct place. Not only is it easier for dinner times but also when washing up or emptying the dishwasher. We have a variety of cutlery drawers available to you including bespoke wooden drawers.
  • Bespoke Bookshelfs – Cook books may be a thing of the past to some but others still treasure them especially if it is a hand me down cook book. Our clever carpenters have been able to create some stunning bespoke bookshelf's perfect for housing those treasured recipes. Take a look at one of our recent case studies and their beautiful bookshelf housed on the kitchen island, please click here to see. 
  • Quooker Hot Tap – Now many of you may be wondering why this is on our top 5 but believe it or not many people (not all) actually find kettles and toasters a worktop annoyance. If you are limited for worktop space and you need as much room as you can to prepare the family meals then having a kettle take up some of that space isn't ideal. The Quooker tap is the perfect option, situated at the kitchen sink and allowing you more room on your work surface. 

And why not check out the most recent Quooker Tap, a hot tap and chilled tap that also gives you the choice of a sparkling water option.




At Kitchen Ergonomics we can create special bespoke areas to hang your keys, store away that dreaded pile of paperwork or a deep drawer to hide away the many charging plugs we need now a days. So what are you waiting for let us declutter your mind and kitchen and click here to book your free design today.


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