What are the Benefits of Induction Cooking?

22 Mar What are the Benefits of Induction Cooking?

Neff Induction HobYou have heard about induction cooking, seen it on the fancy cooking programmes, any good kitchen showroom you have visited has it on display and your next door neighbour is raving about it yet you still aren't sure what all the fuss is about? Is this a keeping up with the Jones' appliance or is it something that will really benefit you?

Fear not and read on Kitchen Ergonomics have a devised a list  below of the many benefits to Induction cooking:


Fast and Responsive 

The speed of induction cooking is one of its major benefits. Contents in the pan heat up remarkably quickly, and if you need a boost of power, it can be easily transferred from zone to zone when required. In this fast paced lifestyle that we live in speed and cooking as a fantastic combination, your potatoes will boil quicker then before leaving you with more time on your hands. If you would like to see how fast the Neff Induction Hob is then why not visit our Kitchen Showroom based in Stevenage, Hertfordshire we will gladly give you a demonstration that you will not be disappointed with.

Energy Efficient

Induction hobs are extremely energy efficient, something we need now a days when trying to save money; being energy efficient will help you save on electricity bills. Only the base of the pan heats up, so only the precise amount of energy you need is ever used so won't have the heat escaping around the sides. So not only fast and responsive but the induction hob has the ability to accurately control the power making induction one of the most efficient methods of cooking.

Easy to Clean 

Are you fed up with waiting for your gas rings to cool down before you can clean? Well induction hobs couldn't be easier to clean, there are no parts to remove or difficult nooks to and crannies to negotiate with. The non-porous surface is flat and easy to wipe over quickly, meaning you can fit in time to put your feet up with a cuppa.


The induction hob is sleek, shiny and smooth while complementing the minimal, uncluttered lines of todays stylish kitchens. If you want a style that's as aesthetically pleasing as its uncompromisingly modern, this is undoubtedly the hob for you. Why not take a look at one of our case studies here to see how sleek and stylish their induction hob looks.

Automatic Pan Recognition

Neff and Miele induction hobs feature automatic pan recognition; the hob will only heat up if it senses saucepans with a smooth, flat base and a high ferrous content.

Suitable Pans 

Ferrous metal saucepans are required for use of an induction hob. You may be able to use one of your existing saucepans, one way of testing to see if your pans will work on an induction hob is with a magnet on it.

Point and TwistPoint and Twist

Neff have a Point and Twist Induction hob, this is a clever way of controlling your hob with a funky removable magnetic dial. Your hob is kept neat and uncluttered and the control system is sensitive and easy to use. The Point and Twist is available on 7 of the Neff induction hobs, it uses a removable magnetic central control dial. All you do is place the metallic dial in the centre of the control area. You then tip it towards the zone you want to activate and point. Once the zone is activated twist to select the power level you want. The Point and Twist is simple to use and the dial is ergonomically designed to make the twist motion effortless. For safety reasons you can't activate the hob without the dial, however, for added peace of mind you can activate the hob manually if you need to.


Neff Flex Induction HobFlexinduction

The Flexinduction like our Kitchens was designed with Ergonomics in mind offering greater flexibility by using enlarged single zone that heats pans of any size that are positioned anywhere within it, giving
maximum flexibility for all users and better control over cooking requirements. Beneath the glass of each of these zones there are four unique induction coils, which work independently or together, dependent
on whether a pan is detected on the surface. This means that energy efficiency is maximised and pans of any size can be placed anywhere in the zone. Click here to view a video of a Flexinduction in action.

TwistPadFire Induction

With intuitive TwistPadFire® control, simply point and twist to control both the hob and hood settings on your integrated appliance.

If you have any questions or would like to receive a free Neff or Miele brochure please click here, alternatively why not visit our Designer Kitchen and Bedroom showroom where you can see a demonstration of how the Neff Point and Twist Induction Hob works.


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