Valentines Offers

06 Feb Valentines Offers

Have you ever dreamed of owning one of those fancy all singing all dancing boiling water taps? You know the ones you see on the TV that look too good to be true with instant boiling water at your fingertips, well the wait is over you can now get your hands on one for FREE*

FREE* Quooker Boiling Water Tap

Yes you read it right at Kitchen Ergonomics we are offering our clients a FREE* Quooker boiling water tap, you simply have to place your deposit before the 14th February 2023 and we will throw in one of these luxury items.

Don't worry if you haven't started your design process we are here to help. We offer a FREE design service and our team can arrange to meet you at our kitchen showroom or alternatively you can book a home visit.

What are the benefits of a boiling water tap?

One of the main advantages of the boiling water taps is space saving, we are all striving to lead clutter free lives and this includes clutter free worktops; the Quooker tap is the perfect solution. 

  • Energy Efficient – We are all looking at ways to help save the planet and it may be a small step but owning a boiling water tap you are literally using the water that you need. There is no more over filling of the kettle and wasting water, by installing one of these you can save energy thanks to the clever technology they have been given an A energy rating
  • Safety – Whilst you may wonder how a boiling water tap can be safe they really are safer than your average kettle that a toddler or older child can easily know over or pull down on to themselves. The Quooker also has a double push and turn on mechanism and with an insulated spout they are cool to touch. 
  • Space Saving – As we already mentioned they free up more of your worktop allowing you more room to prep your meals. 
  • Time Saving – We are all so busy and anything that can save us more time is a bonus. There's no waiting around for the kettle to boil, you can make the perfect cup of tea or coffee in seconds and use the time you have gained to enjoy it in peace. 


Neff Cashback Offer

We also have a Neff Kitchen Cashback offer running until 31st March 2023

  • Receive £450 cashback on any kitchen featuring three or more Neff appliances
  • Plus a further £500 if you also purchase a Neff venting hob (not available separately)

So what are you waiting for book your FREE design today! 

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