The History of Neff

19 Jan The History of Neff

Neff was founded by Carl Andreas Neff in 1877, it originally started off as a small family business based in Bretten, Germany. It was known as Carl Neff Herd und Ofenfabrik (meaning stove and oven factory) the company has gone from strength to strength and now has some of the Worlds most high end kitchen appliances – but before we get to the amazing Neff appliances that are available to you today we thought we would brief you with a little History lesson…………………..

As mentioned before Neff was founded in 1877 and started off as a small family business – below is the legendary Carl Andreas Neff and an illustration of where it all began! The range and oven factory was opened in Bretten, Germany.

Below is an early example of the first patented gas burner released for confectioners by Neff in 19191919 - Neff Gas BurnerNeff with its history of cooking innovation and quality continued to work on new designs – in 1949 they released the standalone hob with enameled surface (please see image below). ????In 1954 the first microwave oven (below) was released in Europe, designed by none other the amazing German manufacturer Neff – in the post war years Neff is breaking ground and the company is working hard on kitchen equipment for the kitchen of the 50's. They introduced their first oven with a thermostat and by 1955 they were making appliances in different colours to suit a bespoke fitted kitchen.

Storming in to the swinging 60's the first oven from Neff is seamlessly integrated into the kitchen, a real popular trend that to this day is still just as popular.

By now Neff are showing what enthusiasm and passion they have for cooking with constant new designs and they don't stop there! In the 70's they wow the industry with the Neff CircoTherm® the successful hot air system for built-in ovens. There cookers are now controlled with a digital clock.

1971 - Neff Circotherm


So what is CircoTherm

CircoTherm works by drawing air in from the oven via a powerful fan. It then heats up the air and forces it back into the oven cavity through strategically placed ducts in the rear wall. Desired temperature is achieved more quickly and evenly than in a normal oven, saving time and energy as little or no preheating is required. 

CircoTherm is great for roasting because of the way and speed at which the heat is delivered – as a result roasts are quickly sealed and juices are retained, producing less shrinkage and moist, succulent joints.

CircoTherm grilling is the perfect way to cook foods which usually need to be grilled. There's no need to turn fish, burgers, steaks and sausages as the air circulates around them providing an even cooking result.

Neff and The Millennium

As we enter the Millennium Neffs innovations continue to get stronger and stronger keeping in time with the latest technology.

In 2002 the Twistpad is launched – the ingenious and safe one button operation for cook tops. That same year the legendary Neff Slide & Hide® oven door launches! From then on Neff continue to amaze for example in 2005 the CompactCafe® is launched a coffee machine that produces amazing Latte Macchiatos, Cappuccinos and much more at the push of a button –  if you don't believe us why not pop in and try one! 

Below are just some of the fantastic appliances from Neff  they also have Steamers, Micro Combi Ovens and so much more please click here to read a few on our clients wishlist.

And in 2011 Neff launch the FlexInduction Hob offering flexibility and safety when cooking.

2011 - Neff Flexinduction

What are the benefits of a FlexInduction?

The Neff FlexInduction provides a fantastic solution to demanding cooking requirements. The new and modern designs with clear print lines support intuitive usage to support a variety of pan sizes while reflecting a minimalistic design trend. The new design layout offers a larger zone to cater for bigger pans presenting more flexibility in pan size selection and positioning.

By using a different arrangement of induction coils to cover a wider area, entire zones can be activated and pans placed anywhere within that zone will receive instant, even heat. The FlexInduction really is ‘any size pan, anywhere' cooking.

What more can we expect from Neff? 

As ever Neff are always creating new designs, special features and keeping up to date with the current ‘trends'.

At Kitchen Ergonomics we were very excited last year to see first hand the amazing new appliances that Neff will be launching this year including touch screen ovens that work like your smart phone and seamless oven ranges once again they are beautiful designs, innovative ideas and as ever easy to use!

If you would like a Neff brochure please complete your details here. Alternatively please visit our Kitchen Showroom, Stevenage we are happy to answer any of your appliance questions and if you would like a demonstration on how to use any of the appliances we have on display we would be more then happy to show you.

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