Kitchen Ergonomics VS High Street Competitor

07 Sep Kitchen Ergonomics VS High Street Competitor

Below outlines the difference between a Kitchen Ergonomics kitchen design cost and one of our High Street Competitors:

Kitchen Ergonomics              vs              High Street Competitor

£1,100.00 Fitting Cost                                                £4,000.00 Fitting Cost

Quality Cabinets                                                Cheaper Cabinets

          4 Neff Appliances                                                4 Unbranded Appliances

£6,600.00 Total Cost                                             £7,500.00 Total Cost 

It is important when ordering from a High Street Competitor that customers look for hidden costs, in this scenario for example it is the fitting cost.  At Kitchen Ergonomics we pride ourselves on our quality service and designer kitchens remember “good quality and service does not have to be expensive if you use a reputable company”.

If you are looking for a kitchen to be fitted without problems and delays here is Kitchen Ergonomics guide to getting the Perfect Kitchen…

1. Avoid pressure salesmen
Take your time when choosing/designing your kitchen, if you are being pressurised into a sale, walk away as this is usually a sign of things to come.

2. Be careful with a tight budget
If you are on a tight budget you can’t afford to get it wrong, a cheap kitchen cause you further expense in only a matter of months, be careful if you don’t have too much to spend.

3.  Watch out for HIDDEN costs
In the example above companies are very good at saving on units or appliances but spread the cost elsewhere in this case it is the fitting cost.

4. Ensure your kitchen supplier fits the kitchen
Whenever you purchase a fitted product make sure the company supplying it also installs it as they are then responsible for the fitted end result.

5. Extension kitchens require a finalised plan
When fitting a new kitchen in an extension always try to have a finalised plan BEFORE building commences so services and budget are established.

6. Don’t pay the Ferryman… 
Don’t pay the final balance until your kitchen is 100% finished and you are happy with the result.

Finally get in touch with Kitchen Ergonomics and remove all the risks in getting your perfect kitchen. Please visit our Kitchen and Bedroom Showroom, Stevenage or contact us via email at or telephone 01438 222929 for a free brochure.


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