Juicing Recipe, say hello to the new healthy you!

02 Apr Juicing Recipe, say hello to the new healthy you!


NutriBullet 1What is a NutriBullet and why should every kitchen have one?

You simply load your NutriBullet with various fruits and vegetables, pop it back onto the holding, twist the cup in and watch it whizz all those delicious healthy foods into a nourishing juice or smoothie. Such a simple way to ensure you are getting some of your 5 (or 7) a day fruits and vegetables.

The NutriBullett is so powerful it can bust open seeds, crack through stems, sheds tough skins and breaks down even the toughest ingredients unlocking the vital nutrition inside giving you a power juice in a glass. Not only can you make scrumptious smoothies and healthy juices you can also make amazing salad dressings, fresh guacamole and many more delicious dips.

Below is a simple NutriBullet Recipe that the Staff at Kitchen Ergonomics love:

Add a small handful of spinach

An apple cut in half (please remove pips)

A carrot chopped into thirds

A small handful of strawberries

A handful of blueberries

and a teaspoon of flax seeds

Pop it all into your NutriBullet, watch it whizz and enjoy your delicious healthy energising juice!



If you would like to share any of your Juice Recipes simply share them on our Kitchen Ergonomics Facebook page or email us at info@kitchenergonomics so we can sample them.


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