Helping save the planet one step at a time

22 Apr Helping save the planet one step at a time

We all want to do our bit when it comes to saving our planet and why wouldn't we? It is our first and only home and our children's future. In celebration of Earth Day which is celebrated yearly on 22nd April we wanted to share with you what we are doing to help save our planet.

At Kitchen Ergonomics we do all we can to do our bit for the planet for example we recycle our cardboard on a weekly basis with CS Recycling who are a local recycling company also based in Hertfordshire providing cardboard, paper and polythene recycling services to commercial businesses.

Well now we have gone that one step further and with thanks to Climateshield, they have recently installed solar panels at the Kitchen Ergonomics HQ.

Many of us assume solar panelling is for houses however businesses can take part too. As a business that works with a lot of recycled material it feels good to know that we can give something back to our planet and the environment around us even if it is in the smallest of ways.

Not only does it feel good to be involved in lowering our carbon footprint it also comes with other advantages, the Government are working hard at encouraging solar panelling and are currently offering a grant. It was a single grant application that was easy to apply for. So not only do we reduce our energy bills, reduce our C02 output but we are also part of the Governments energy efficiency scheme.

Climateshield are the UKs leading installer, they came to us to discuss installing solar panels on our industrial property. They made it simple, from the original consultation and explanation of how it will benefit us to the overall high quality fitting.

Climateshield Solar are a great company to be involved with and for any business or home wanting to install solar panelling we would highly recommend them.

” Building on our roofing expertise at Climateshield roofing we will use the same operational excellence and safety performance to design, install, test and maintain your solar system”

And we are already seeing the results, our solar panels were installed in March 2021 and the environmental benefits are already worth it in our recent overview of the amount of energy saved it is the equivalent to 5.65 trees being planted.

Together lets make every day an Earth day 🙂

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