At last we can reveal the NEW Neff Ovens……

Thr Great British Bake Off Ovens

18 Apr At last we can reveal the NEW Neff Ovens……

Imagine an oven with full touch control similar to your smart phone, a door that slides and hides as you open it and a self cleaning function that leaves your oven looking as good as new – these are just some of the features of the NEW Neff Ovens!

We were invited last year to the official launch of these stunning appliances and have been eagerly waiting to share there fantastic innovative designs with you all. Below is a guide on what to expect from the NEW Neff Ovens, happy reading and viewing!

What can you expect from the NEW Neff Ovens?

Seamless Design

In the NEW product range Neff have introduced a seamless combination – when designing your kitchen style is everything and these new appliances will not disappoint, with unique side trims the New Ovens are ideal for any modern or contemporary kitchen. The premium combination of darkened glass and stainless steel is particularly striking.

Full Touch Control

Similar to the modern day smart phone the innovative full touch control panel sets new standards with fast navigation and simple, precise operation by touch or swipe on the Neff ovens smooth control surface. It guides you easily through the menu and its high contrast screen makes for excellent legibility.


With its stylish and innovative design the slide and hide oven looks fantastic in the kitchen with its retracting door it makes access to the oven so much more easier to use when bringing out those delicious baked goods. It is perfect for those hands on cooks, it allows for flexible cooking, letting you baste, taste and monitor food easily during the cooking process. Not only does the oven look good it also provides a great space saving solution for smaller kitchens and for kitchens with a galley style layout.

Slide®: When you open and close the door, the handle rotates to give you a firm grip.

Hide®: When fully open, the retractable oven door disappears completely under the oven cavity giving you the optimum space to access your food.

Another bonus with the NEW Neff Slide&Hide® now features Pyrolytic Cleaning!

Pyrolytic Self Cleaning

The oven that almost cleans itself, what more could you wish for! No chemical cleaners are necessary with this cleaning method, the oven heats up to 485°C turning everything into ash. Pyrolytic self cleaning is the fastest way to clean an oven. Once the programme has finished allow the oven to cool down and simply wipe with a damp cloth! Voila, you have a sparkling clean oven as good as new!

Baking and Roasting Assistant

This innovative assistant makes preparing a variety of dishes even easier and more convenient. The Baking and Roasting Assistant serves up a cooking suggestion at just one touch of a button – it also recommend the ideal heating mode, temperature and time to ensure perfect results. Don't believe us then watch this short video below:

Circo Therm®

For simultaneous cooking on multiple levels meaning you can cook, roast and bake completely different dishes on up to 4 levels and everything will come out tasting like its supposed to. Heat engulfs each individual shelf to ensure flavors do not intermingle – a roast will taste like a roast and the muffins will taste like muffins. Another genius idea at your fingertips!

As ever we take our hats off to Neff, they have really pulled out all the stops with there new product range! If you want to find out more about the History of Neff please click here.

If you would like a new Neff brochure please contact the office on 01438 222929 or fill out an enquiry form and we will happily send one to you.

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